Register for MoneyLIVE 2019


MoneyLIVE Teen Financial Event Registration image

Is there a charge to attend MoneyLIVE?

No! MoneyLIVE has and will continue to be FREE, our goal is to continue to make this a sponsor driven program to teach youth about financial literacy

What age is MoneyLIVE for?

Our target audience for MoneyLIVE is high school aged youth, ages 14 and up. Younger students are welcome with their parents attendance and supervision.

How many students can I register?

Each registration ticket allows you to register up to 3 students per tickets. You can have as many tickets as you would like.

What if I wanted to bring a group?

Groups are always welcome, if you would like to bring a group contact our office we have a special process to registering groups to make if easier for  you.

Are parents allowed to stay?

YES!! we encourage parents to stay and enjoy the event. We have classes for parents to attend while the students go through the simulation. Parents may also drop their students off (based on maturity & age)

What about parking?

While we work to make MoneyLIVE itself is FREE we cannot control parking. There is a cost of $12 to park at NRG. There are other options available such as Metro Park & Ride.