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MoneyLIVE Online Curriculum

 Welcome to Alliance Financial Ministries, Inc.’s online curriculum. We are excited to provide this engaging, interactive learning platform designed to improve your financial capabilities. Since 2002 AFM has provided high-quality financial education to individuals that want to enjoy a more financially secure future. 

Our online curriculum uses industry best practices to provide practical and interactive financial lessons online. As you go through the curriculum you will notice a unique learning experience where you will have access to the tools necessary to build a solid financial foundation. The flexible online platform is designed to provide a variety of schedules and learning outcomes and provides blended learning options. We are excited to provide, this life-changing learning experience.  

Comprehensive Financial Literacy Solution


  • Adaptive Pathing & Computerized Adaptive Testing
  • Rich Data & Real-time Reporting
  • Interactive and Engaging User Experience
  • Built in Educational and eLearning Best Practices
  • Creation of a Personalized Financial Plan
  • The Learning Management System’s Central Dashboard
  • Flexible Course Pacing Options
  • Flexible Course Formats & Delivery Options
  • Integrated Testing & Long-term Measures of Behavior ​  
  • Techniques that Encourage Higher Levels of Learning

MoneyLIVE Online


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